Square Dancing FAQ'S


What is Square Dancing??


You might remember square dancing from 4-H or your school days.  Well, you will hardly recognize modern square dancing.  There is music spanning from the Oldies to current top 10 pop and country hits.  Square dancing has a new energy, many new calls and probably won't look like what you remember!  Sorry, but there's not too much dancing with straw hats in old barns anymore!  Square Dance Clubs meet in schools, churches, social halls and many other locations.  There are hundreds of Square Dance Clubs all over the country and around the world.  We have had members square dance all over the USA, Canada, England and even Australia!  Did you know that Square Dancing is the  state folk dance of New Jersey?


Me??...Square Dance??


Square Dancers come from all backgrounds and span all ages from 9 to 90.  You will meet a group of wonderful people that are looking for fun, excercise and a chance to meet like-minded folks and make new friends.  It is "low-impact" exercise that can be done by most people...so you don't have to be an "athlete"!  Medical Journals have indicated that activities involving "mental aerobics", such as square dancing, are a great way to help keep your mind sharp!  Come on out and give it a try.


How Do I Get Started??


In September and January, square dance clubs (including Cross Trail Squares) start beginner's classes to introduce square dancing to new dancers.  The beginner's or "Mainstream" lessons run for approximately 12 weeks (one and a half hours per week).  The cost is $48 dollars per student for the course.  You will be challenged mentally and physically as well as having a lot of fun!  Experienced dancers (called Angels) will be there to help you as you learn the calls.  The instructor/caller will introduce the new calls as well as review calls from previous weeks.  Check our "Events" page for the latest information on our Open Houses.  Once you complete the basic course, you will be able to dance at any "Mainstream" dance anywhere in the world!


What does it cost to attend Square Dances??


Each dance you attend at a Square Dance club generally runs between $4-7 for several hours of dancing...about half the cost of a movie ticket!  It's always a time of great fun and great snacks.


Square Dancing....."Give it a Whirl"!






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